Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Welcome for Twitter followers

I wanted to give a big welcome to all of the Twitter followers that have joined over the last week.  I would love for you to experience my book, so if you click the link below, you will download a PDF of the first five chapters of Jason and the Draconauts.  I hope you enjoy the book and tweet and re-tweet this to anyone that may also enjoy it!


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Council of Ancients

I received a very nice review on Goodreads about the book, but the big feedback I got from that was that she didn't like the cliffhanger ending.  The fact is, there are readers who like closure and I really appreciate that.  I grew up reading comics and graphic novels, and they are replete with cliff hanger endings, so I guess it is something that never really bothered me.  I tried not to leave the characters of Jason and the Draconauts in complete peril by the book's end, but I definitely wanted to say that the story was not ending on the last page. 

I also am not posting the chapters to the new book is a serialized fashion like I did the last.  Some people may be disappointed in that, but I want the next book to be just that; a book.  My approach this time is definitely NOT a write-to-post point of view, and it is making me feel relaxed in my writing that I don't need to hurry up and get the next installment out there.

However, I do want to give you a status update on Jason and the Draconauts: The Council of Ancients.  Yes...I am writing it.  Yes...I have a dent in it.  I am about six and a half chapters in.  If you want a preview, you can scroll through the Facebook page and find the first chapter to download.  One of the big things that just happened was that our villain, Karura, finally acquired the 'artifact' he cryptically mentioned in the first book, and thinks it will turn the tide in his war with the dragons.  Also, another member of the Order of the Scale has been introduced (that means a new human character AND a new dragon character as well).  This new character will bring a resource to the story that will reveal what this 'Council of Ancients' actually is as well as answer the mysterious question, "What is the Fifth?"

Thanks for being fans and reading.  Stay tuned for more information!