Tuesday, November 4, 2014

To the Joust!

Alas and forsooth, I implore your aid to participate in a joust of most crucial importance. To the winner goes glory not seen in these lands for many an age!

So there is a blogger, MPax, who hosts virtual jousts between authors on her site once per year. It serves to give authors exposure and elevates their works to many eyes that may not normally see an advertisement.

But, to win the joust, I need your help. Next week, November 10-14th, head on over to MPax's blog at http://mpaxauthor.com/blog/ and help me participate in this joust. You can participate three times a day (there are prizes drawn for those participating) and whoever gets the most participation wins the joust!

How do you participate? It's pretty simple...you simply cheer for me by posting in the comments section and use one of the three magic words. The three magic words are:

1) Sir Smitty
2) carouse
3) Draconaughts (I don't know why it is spelled this way, it just is)

Taunting is allowed (Think Monty Python and the Holy Grail). But head on over next week, have some fun, and help me win the joust!

1 comment:

  1. This sounds to be a festive event, indeed. Imagine the anticipation, the excitement of joining the competitions, and budding hopes of a run on the lists.
    Now, imagine hearing about it three months after the fact.
    Sadness weighs upon my being, almost close to a sprinkling of a slight almost unnoticeable tingle of regret at not having known about said competitions.
    I do hope you were able to joust, and you knocked some poor sod out of his saddle!

    -- John